Seamlessly write great manuscripts with this database once imported in your reference manager software!


This database covers a comprehensive amount of peer-reviewed literature on carnivore ecology & conservation published during the past 30 years. It is available for free to download on your computer.

The file can be imported in the reference manager software you use (e.g. Papers, Mendeley, Zotero, Endnote, Procite, Reference Manager, BibDesk or any other recent one). The archive includes the database in RIS format. Please note the database does not contain any PDF files!

Follow the instructions below on how to import it.



Step 1: Turn-on your computer (just want to make sure...) and launch Endnote (or another reference management software) and create a new library.


Step 2: Name and save this new library.


Step 3: Now, import the carnivore database into this new library.


Step 4: In the import dialog box, it is very important to choose the option Reference Manager (RIS) to make sure references are properly imported.


Step 5: The import process can take some times according to your computer performance (maybe it's time to think about getting a Mac), once done you should get a working database as shown below.


This database is the results of several years of literature compilation. I hope it is useful, but I know it is also likely to include some errors (pagination is missing for some papers). Use the database at your own risk! And before quoting a paper in a manuscript, please always check on a reprint that the reference is correct (but I'm already sure that you never quoted any paper without having fully read it, did you?).

For praise, comments, bug reports, questions, corrections, additions of new references, weather forecast, etc, feel free to email me. Enjoy the database!


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